Patent US9,845,450 issued on Dec 26, 2017 showing that VBC groups can improve the stability of alkaline anion exchange membranes

Patent US9,845,450 issued on Dec 26, 2017.  The patent is a continuation of our efforts to demonstrate that tetramethylimidazolium (TMI) functionalized styrene alkaline anion exchange membranes are useful for alkaline water and alkaline CO₂ electrolysis.  This patent shows the importance of having extra vinylbenzyl chloride (VBC) units in the polymer to promote stability.  TMI, itself is not stable in alkaline … Read More

Patent US9,790,161 issued Nov 27, 2017

Patent US9,790,161 issued on Nov 27 2017.  Italso issued recently in China on Dec 3, 2017 as CN105339336.   This patent provides a new route to the production of acrylic acid from CO2  and acetylene. First the CO2  is electrolyzed to produce formic acid.  Then the formic acid reacts, via a number of intermediates to form acrylic acid. There are two unique parts … Read More