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CO2 Electrolysis

Dioxide Materials™ has produced CO2 electrolysis runs using an Sustainion ® polymer that have shown currents up to 600 mA/cm² at 3.25 V at room temperature, and have been run continuously for 6 months at room temperature with no loss of performance.

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Dioxide Materials™ is developing anion exchange membrane water electrolyzers using Sustainion® membranes and have observed currents of 1 A/cm² at 1.7 V and 6 A/cm² at 2.05 V.

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Sustainion® Membranes

Sustainion® membranes are styrene based membranes, that are functionalized with imidazoliums or pyridiniums as described in US patent 9,370,773.

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CO2 Sensors

A new generation of low-cost, low-powered CO2 electrochemical sensors to be used as a drop in replacement for incumbent NDIR CO2 sensors in Demand Controlled Ventilation (DCV) of Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning systems.

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Work for Dioxide Materials

Dioxide Materials, an equal opportunity employer, is highly focused on recruiting a team to help find solutions for reducing global climate change.

Dioxide Materials is presently recruiting a Chemist I Intern part time. You may submit your application using the form below:

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