Dioxide Materials Has Developed CO2 Electrolyzers With Record Performance

Currents up to 500 mA/cm2 at 3 V

Selectivity (Faraday efficiency) above 95%

Only 6 µV/hr voltage increase, equivalent to a 4 year lifetime

Stable performance demonstrated in 6 month run

Can be integrated with an ethanol fermenter to increase ethanol production

Examples of the Performance Seen With Dioxide Materials’ CO2 electrolyzer

                            The voltage needed to maintain 200 mA/cm2 at room temperature.

Dioxide Materials’ Sustainion® membranes enable electrolyzers to outperform the competition

Dioxide Materials’ patented catalysts make the process economic

Co-catalyst Lowers the Overpotential

Challenge for electrochemical reduction of CO2
  • High overpotential due to the formation of intermediate species
  • Low selectivity due to the side reactions
    • Combined ionic liquid with Ag metal
    • Lowered the overpotential to 0.17V
    • Suppressed side reactions
    • Improved the selectivity to 98%
      Rosen, et al., Science 334, 643 (2011)

Why such good performance?

EMIM creates low barrier pathway
EMIM blocks side reactions
High Selectivity

Dioxide Materials’ Advantages

Better Materials
Membrane ASR in 1 M KOH, 60 °C pH Range</td
Sustanion® 37-50 0.045 Ω-cm2 2-14
Fumasep FAS-50 0.37 Ω-cm2 0-13
Nafion 115 0.52 Ω-cm2 0-13
Fumasep FAPQ-375 0.83 Ω-cm2 0-11
AMI-7001 2.0 Ω-cm2 0-10
PBI 8.3 Ω-cm2 2-10
Neosepta ACN >50 Ω-cm2 0-8
Better Performance