Cathode Electrode For Water Electrolyzer


Cathode catalyst for a water electrolyzer hand painted on nickel fiber paper.

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Cathode electrode for  water electrolyzers.  Order a custom cathode electrode for water electrolysis.  Each cathode electrode is hand painted on nickel fiber paper. The cathode catalyst is described in Zengcai Liu et al. “The effect of membrane on an alkaline water electrolyzer” Dioxide Materials also sells anode electrodes and complete water electrolyzers that are fully assembled and ready to use.

Dioxide Materials uses non-precious metals

Catalysts for water electrolyzers have traditionally depended on expensive platinum and palladium catalyst materials, but not anymore. Water and carbon dioxide electrolyzers are poised for wide scale deployment as a way of storing renewable energy and as a way of mitigating climate change.  Most hydrogen filling stations use electrolyzers to supply hydrogen for example.

Dioxide Materials is enabling the advancement of new and improved electrochemical processes which can operate at commercially viable operating voltages, current efficiencies and current densities. Customers can buy this cathode and other products on our webshop.  Dioxide Materials offers one-stop-shopping experience for electrochemical equipment for CO2 and water electrolysis and accessories.

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