Research Grade 5 cm2
Hardware For AEM Water Electrolysis

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The hardware you need to build your own AEM Water Electrolyzer. Includes 2 nickel flowfields and a nut bolt and insulator kit

Individual 5 cm2
Nickel Flowfield for Anode with Serpentine Channel v2.0

A NI200 Nickel 5 cm² flow-field. Dioxide Materials uses them as flow-fields for anode in water electrolyzers.

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Individual 5 cm2
Nickel Flowfield for Cathode with Serpentine Channel v2.0

A NI200 Nickel 5 cm² flow-field. Dioxide Materials uses them as flow-fields for Cathode in water electrolyzers.

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Nut, bolt, O-ring & insulator kit for 5 cm2

The nuts, bolts connectors, o-ring and insulators needed to assemble a cell.



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The AEM water electrolyzer hardware needed to build your own 5 cm<sup>2</sup> research grade water electrolyzer. Electrolysis of water uses electricity to split water into hydrogen and oxygen. Dioxide Materials is enabling the advancement of new and improved electrochemical processes which can operate at commercially viable operating voltages, current efficiencies, and current densities.

Dioxide Materials: The Source For Anion Exchange Membrane Water Electrolyzers

Alkaline water electrolysis is recognized as a mature technology that is reliable and safe, with electrolyzers having operational lifetimes as long as 15 years. Their biggest advantage is that they employ abundant,  non-precious metal electrode catalysts. The conventional alkaline water electrolyzer cell design typically uses a diaphragm type separator. The separator typically requires that the distance between the anode and cathode electrodes to be about 2-3 mm apart to prevent gas crossover, thus limiting the operating current density to about 200mA/cm2 in order to operate at a reasonable operating voltage and corresponding overall energy efficiency.

In order to improve the current density, while maintaining the same or higher energy efficiency, we have developed stable alkaline stable anion exchange membranes that allow true zero-gap water electrolyzers.  When you work in a niche industry such as AEM hydrogen electrolyzers, finding a high-caliber supplier for the components you need for your operation to work successfully can be difficult. This is where we can help. We are an established company that specializes in the production and distribution of cutting-edge equipment and supplies for anion exchange membrane water electrolysis and CO2 electrolysis. Whether you’re looking for a specific component or an entire system, we can find you a suitable solution.

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