Dioxide Materials has 19 issued U.S. patents protecting its electrolyzers and technology; others have also been allowed. Four patents have also issued in China, and three in Australia and one each in Japan, Korea, and Canada. Patents are also pending in the EU, Canada, Australia, China, Japan, Korea, and India.

Dioxide Materials plans to continue to aggressively patent the new Intellectual Property both in the U.S. and in key countries throughout the world, leveraging our existing intellectual property and providing the potential to build an entirely new industry.

Some of Dioxide Materials’ Published U.S. Patents:
  • US 9,464,359 Novel Catalyst Mixtures
  • US 9,012,345, US 9,555,367 US 9,815,021 Electrocatalysts for carbon dioxide conversion
  • US 9,481,939 Electrochemical device for Converting Carbon Dioxide to a Reaction Product
  • US 10,047,446 Electrochemical device for Converting Carbon Dioxide to Formic Acid
  • US 9,181,625 Devices and Processes For Carbon Dioxide Conversion Into Useful Fuels and Chemicals
  • US 9,790,161 Sustainable Production of Acrylic Acid
  • US 8,956,990 Novel Catalyst Mixtures
  • US 9,849,450 Ion conducting polymers
  • US 9,580,824 Ion conducting membranes
  • US 9,370,773 Ion Conducting Membranes
  • US 9,193,593 Hydrogenation of formic acid to formaldehyde
  • US 9,945,040 Catalyst Layers & Electrolyzer
  • US 9,943,841 Making an Anion Exchange Membrane
  • US 9,982,353 Water Electrolyzer
  • US 9,566,574 Nanoparticle Catalyst Mixtures & Hydrogen Supression