U.S. Patent 10,396,329 “BATTERY SEPARATOR MEMBRANE AND BATTERY EMPLOYING SAME” Issued to Dioxide Materials

U.S. Patent 10,396,329 “BATTERY SEPARATOR MEMBRANE AND BATTERY EMPLOYING SAME” was issued on August 27, 2019 to Dioxide Materials.  It claims a battery comprises a separator membrane comprising an ion-conducting polymeric composition comprising a copolymer of Ra-Rs and Rb. Ra and Rb are each selected from the group consisting of linear alkyls, branched alkyls, cyclic alkyls, heteroalkyls, aryls, heteroaryls, alkylaryls, and heteroalkylaryls. Rs is a positively charged amine group or a positively charged phosphene group. The copolymer comprises at least 3% of each Ra and Rb by weight. Ra and Rb are different chemical constituents, and Ra-Rs is not vinylpyridine.

For the past nine years, Dioxide Materials has been highly focused on helping to build a sustainable future through innovative green technology.  The company has also developed Sustanion membranes, which are the only anion exchange membranes that offer long-term solutions for electrochemical conversions in CO2 and water electrolysis.  Whereas most current technologies treat CO2 as a liability that must be removed at a very high cost, the Boca Raton company sees it as a valuable feedstock for renewable fuels and chemicals. Dioxide’s vision is to eventually recycle CO2 back to fuels, using renewable energy as an input which can be used as a feedstock that does not compete with the food supply.