U.S. Patent 10,173,169 “Devices for Electrocatalytic Conversion of Carbon Dioxide” issued to Dioxide Materials

US Patent 10,173,169 entitled “Devices For Electrocatalytic Conversion Of Carbon Dioxide” issued on Jan 8, 2019. In it we have patented the use of nanoparticle catalysts in carbon dioxide electrolyzers. In particular, Dioxide Materials has been granted a patent for “An electrochemical device for converting CO2 to a reaction product, the device comprising:
(a) an anode comprising a quantity of anode catalyst;
(b) cathode comprising a quantity of cathode electrocatalyst;
(c) a source of CO2;
(d) an electrical connection between said anode and said cathode,
(i) said cathode electrocatalyst is in the form of unsupported particles or particles supported on an electrically conductive support;
(ii) said particles of have an average size between 0.6 nm and 100 nm; and
(iii) said cathode electrocatalyst converts CO2 to a carbon-containing reaction product.”