Patent US9,790,161 issued Nov 27, 2017

Patent US9,790,161 issued on Nov 27 2017.  Italso issued recently in China on Dec 3, 2017 as CN105339336.   This patent provides a new route to the production of acrylic acid from CO2 and acetylene. First the CO2 is electrolyzed to produce formic acid.  Then the formic acid reacts, via a number of intermediates to form acrylic acid.

There are two unique parts to this:

  1. It makes use of Dioxide Materials’s patent pending electrolyzer design described in J CO? Utilization, 20, 208-217 (2017)
  2. It uses a bifunctional catalyst comprising a supported metal and an organic acid (trifluoromethane sulphonic acid) to catalyst to promote the conversion.  This patent provides further evidence, described in our earlier patents US8,956,990, CN102892929, AU2011230545, KR1721287 that supported metals and organic ions can act as co-catalysts to promote novel chemical reaction.