Next-Gen commercially relevant AEM water electrolysis

Next-generation commercially relevant AEM water electrolysis

Next-Gen commercially relevant AEM water electrolysis

Alchemr, a water electrolyzer company, recently published extraordinary long term AEM water electrolysis performance in the International Journal of Hydrogen Energy. Utilizing electrolyzer cells employing the Sustainion® membrane and Dioxide Material’s catalysts they met multiple commercially relevant performance metrics.  

Most importantly, they showed stable performance of ~1 µV/h over 10,000 h of testing, resulting in a projected MEA lifetime of over 20 years. Previously, steady-state performance of AEMs in the literature were limited to only a few hundred hours of operation. In addition, they also conducted harsh voltage shock tests to simulate accelerated daily on/off cycling over the course of 30 years resulting in a performance loss of only 0.15 µV/cycle over 11,000 cycles.

The figure above shows the voltage needed to maintain 1 A/cm2 current in an AEM electrolyzer running at 60 oC in 1M KOH. A clear technological advantage is evident compared to other competing commercial membrane (Fumatech FAS-50) in the green plot which is unable to maintain 1A/cm2 even above 2V.

Additionally, the paper comments on the mechanical stability of the grade T version of Sustainion® membrane and especially the effect of blending with Zirconia. To take advantage of these membranes and catalysts, visit our webstore.

To find out more about the superior performance of Sustainion® membranes, read our previous studies published in Nature Research.