Alkaline Water Electrolyzers with Sustainion™ Membranes Offer Breakthrough Results

Water electrolyzers are being developed as a way of storing renewable energy, as a route to creating hydrogen for fuel cell cars and as a route to renewable fuels and chemicals.

Dioxide Materials has been enabling water electrolysis, making low cost hydrogen without using precious metals that can achieve high current densities. On January 16, 2019, a Dioxide Materials alkaline water electrolyzer passed over 1 year of continuous operation at 1.85V and 1A/cm² and the 5 cm² cell is still running. Dioxide Materials’ technology is enabling water electrolyzers that can achieve Low CapEx (non-PGM catalyst, polystyrene membrane, high current density) and Low OpEx (low voltage, 20-yr stability, low replacement cost). Research Grade 5cm² electrolyzer cells are available for sale on the website at