Anion Exchange Alkaline Membrane Water Electrolyzer Performance

No ionomer in catalyst layer
Optimized ionomer in catalyst layer

No ionomer in catalyst layer
60 C 1 M KOH
With ionomer in catalyst layer

With ionomer in catalyst layer and optimized membrane

With non-precious catalyst for anode
With non-precious catalyst for cathode and anode

Energy Storage

As intermittent renewable energy sources, such as wind and solar, increase their market penetration, their daily and seasonal variability needs to be balanced out by either peaking power plants or energy storage solutions. While batteries may soon provide short-duration energy storage at reasonable costs, they do not perform as well for longer durations, for example multi-day storage. One alternative is power-to-gas (or liquid) technologies, such as water electrolyzers that convert electricity to chemical energy in hydrogen (H2), which can then be stored in pressurized tanks or underground caverns. These systems do allow for longer-term storage at a lower cost, but suffer from reduced roundtrip efficiencies.